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ANGELO BARRETA BIJOUX is pleased to announce that the www.angelobarreta.gr website promotes the company’s products online and has been created by the general partnership operating under the legal name M. ANTZOULATOU-G. MITSAKOS GP and the trade name “ANGELO BARRETA BIJOUX,” based in Athens, at Karageorgi Servias St. 7, and legally represented, with taxpayer identification number 099995270, contact email [email protected], and telephone number +30 2103222314 & +30 2103233802 (FAX).

Before accessing our website and browsing through our webpages, you are kindly requested to carefully read the following terms and conditions regarding the use of our e-shop. Please make sure you accept the following terms and conditions, because any further use of the services provided on our e-shop is conditioned upon your explicit and unconditional consent to said terms and conditions. The text that follows lays down the terms and conditions for any transactions involving ANGELO BARRETA BIJOUX M. ANTZOULATOU-G. MITSAKOS GP, according to the principles of good faith and the Consumer Protection Act 2251/1994, 6 th Tax Office of Athens.


ANGELO BARRETA BIJOUX M. ANTZOULATOU-G. MITSAKOS GP reserves the right to amend or unilaterally and without prior notice renew the present terms and conditions applicable to any transactions conducted through its e-shop, with due regard to the company’s needs and commercial laws. ANGELO BARRETA BIJOUX M. ANTZOULATOU-G. MITSAKOS GP has the obligation to keep users informed of any amendments and changes through announcements posted on the website.


ANGELO BARRETA BIJOUX M. ANTZOULATOU-G. MITSAKOS GP is committed to the completeness and validity of all information provided on the website, both in terms of essential features describing products for sale, as well as in terms of accuracy of provided services, barring any technical or typographical errors which may have escaped notice or may have been unintentional or may have been the result of the website going down due to force majeure.


With regard to delayed delivery of ordered products, and to any information provided by the company or services provided through its website, ANGELO BARRETA BIJOUX M. ANTZOULATOU-G. MITSAKOS GP will be held liable only in cases of fraud or gross negligence. The website does not incur liability for any technical problems preventing users from accessing the website or browsing through it, insofar as these problems are related to users’ infrastructure, more specifically functional and compatibility problems. Furthermore, ANGELO BARRETA BIJOUX M. ANTZOULATOU-G. MITSAKOS GP bears no responsibility whatsoever for actions or omissions of third parties and particularly for any unauthorized interventions of third parties in products and services or information provided by the company.


The entire content displayed on our website, including all images, graphics, photographs, designs, texts, and provided services and products, is the intellectual property of ANGELO BARRETA BIJOUX Μ. ANTZOULATOU-G. MITSAKOS GP and is protected by the relevant provisions laid down by Greek law, European law, and international conventions. It is prohibited to copy, analogue/digitally record and mechanically reproduce, distribute, transfer, download (unless explicitly permissible in certain parts of the website), alter/process, and resell content, produce derivative work, or otherwise mislead the public as to the true provider of the website content. Any reproduction, reprinting, transfer, announcement, dissemination or transmission or any other use of the content by any way or means, for commercial or other purposes cannot be allowed without the express written permission of ANGELO BARRETA BIJOUX Μ. ANTZOULATOU-G. MITSAKOS GP. The names, images, logos, and trademarks representing ANGELO BARRETA BIJOUX Μ. ANTZOULATOU-G. MITSAKOS GP and all related products or services are the exclusive intellectual property of ANGELO BARRETA BIJOUX Μ. ANTZOULATOU-G. MITSAKOS GP and are protected by the Greek, EU and international copyright laws regarding trademarks, trade and intellectual property, and unfair competition practices. At any rate, their appearance at the website www.angelobarreta.gr should not be perceived as a transfer of rights or granting permission to use them or granting the right to use them.


Our website visitors agree, consent and covenant that they will make lawful use of the website. Commodities for sale on our e-shop can only be purchased by users who retain the legal right to engage in transactions and the capacity to perform legal acts, as laid down by the Greek legislation. Furthermore, users must accept that they cannot use our website to mail, publish, send by email or otherwise disseminate content regarded as illegal, harmful, threatening, offensive, abusive, disturbing, harassing, slanderous, defamatory, obscene, vulgar, libelous, violating data privacy, expressing hatred, or demonstrating racial, ethnic, or other discrimination, or content that is potentially harmful to minors in any way. It is prohibited to disseminate content which, according to the law or to contractual or management agreements (including inside information, proprietary and confidential information obtained through employment relations or addressed in confidentiality agreements) is perceived as violating laws regarding patents, trademarks, trade secrets, copyrights, or other proprietary agreements of third parties, contains malware or any other type of software, as well as files or programmes designed to stop, harm, destroy or otherwise hamper the operations of any computer software or hardware, willingly or otherwise violates the existing legislation in Greece and the EU and its provisions, harasses third parties in any way, and can be used for the storage of users’ private data.


ANGELO BARRETA BIJOUX Μ. ANTZOULATOU-G. MITSAKOS GP acknowledges the importance of protecting your private data and has taken all necessary measures to ensure that, employing the most up-to-date methods to ensure the maximum security possible.
Website security can be achieved in the following ways:

Customer Recognition: Two security access codes are used for verifying your identity: a security code using your email or username and a password (a secret personal security code). Each time you enter the security codes you are granted access to your private data with absolute security. The aforementioned codes guarantee that you remain the only person with access to your private data and you also bear full responsibility for keeping your security codes secret and hiding them from third parties. Should you forget your password or your password is leaked you will have to immediately notify us, otherwise the website of ANGELO BARRETA BIJOUX Μ. ANTZOULATOU-G. MITSAKOS GP will not be held responsible if your secret password is used by an unauthorized user. For security reasons, you are strongly recommended to avoid using the same passwords or easily detectable passwords, e.g. birthdays.

Securing your personal data privacy: We use an encryption protocol to ensure your data privacy. Automatic logout: If users are inactive on the website for 20 minutes, they are automatically logged out.

Firewall (controlled access): Access to the system of ANGELO BARRETA BIJOUX Μ. ANTZOULATOU-G. MITSAKOS GP is controlled by a firewall, allowing customers/users to make use of specific services, while at the same time denying access to systems and databases containing confidential company information.

Encryption: All website sections in which you are required to enter personal data (password, address, phone number, credit cards) are protected by an SSL 128-bit encryption. Encryption is essentially a way of coding information until it can reach its appointed recipient who will then be able to decode the information using the appropriate key. Throughout the process of ordering a product and provided that the user/customer has logged in using their username and password, the entire communication between your computer and our system is encrypted by use of a 128-bit key. Every time you send information to the system, this information is first encrypted by your browser with a 128-bit key and subsequently sent to the system.


When visiting www.angelo-barreta.gr you may be required to enter personal data (full name and surname, profession, email, delivery address and telephone number) which we need to deliver your order, according to the provisions of Law 2472/1997 regarding protection from the processing of private data and Law 3471/2006 regarding private data protection and online communication privacy. The present website is designed in a way that allows users to visit it without disclosing their identity. Users are required to enter their personal data only if they wish to place an order or to sign up as members of ANGELO BARRETA BIJOUX Μ. ANTZOULATOU-G. MITSAKOS GP or in order to contact the webmaster via email. Any personal data entered in the pages and services of our website are stored exclusively for future reference, regarding transactions, improving provided services and ensuring the successful operation of said services, and are not allowed to be used by third parties (except for those cases stipulated by the Law and the authorities). For any questions or suggestions or statements concerning these issues please contact us via email at [email protected]. At any given moment, users are entitled to be informed of their private data storage, object to their data being further processed, or ask for their personal information and data to be updated and amended according to the applicable legislation for private data protection.


We have come up with a simple procedure in order to facilitate your search:

Through our Search Engine you can easily find the specific product you intend to buy. Should you wish to place an order, you need to fill in the order form in Greek. The company will do its utmost to provide high-quality services. In spite of this, the possibility of errors in prices and secondary product features cannot be ruled out and it cannot be ensured that the website will not go down or that there will be no ‘human’ errors during the updating/entry of a product price. To ensure the security and efficiency of your purchases, before placing an order for a product that is listed as having an unusually low or unusually high price in proportion to its value, we encourage you to first contact our Customer Service at +30 2103222314 & +30 2103233802 (FAX) or via the website email. After you place an order you will receive an automated email confirming that your order has been placed and listing your order details. After your order has been processed, you will receive a second confirmation email regarding the product(s) to be delivered. During the order process you may receive a series of automated emails reporting on your order progress.


Your order may be cancelled in one of the following cases:

  1. Before your order is placed, during the online order process, you can click ‘back’ and remove products from your basket by clicking on the ‘remove’ icon.
  2. If you have already placed the online order but the product has not been delivered yet you may call us at +30 2103222314 & + 30 2103233802 (FAX) and our staff will carry you through to cancelling your order. This service remains an option up until the moment you receive notice that your order has been dispatched.


No payment can be made on the website www.angelo-barreta.gr.

All transactions are carried out in one of the following ways upon request:

  1. Payment using Credit Card: ANGELO BARRETA BIJOUX Μ. ANTZOULATOU-G. MITSAKOS GP accepts Visa and Mastercard (upon request)
  2. Cash on delivery (COD): Paying the courier with cash when picking up your order at the shop. COD is available in all cities.
  3. Bank account deposit (upon request).


ANGELO BARRETA BIJOUX Μ. ANTZOULATOU-G. MITSAKOS GP reserves the right to adjust prices. Our policy on product prices is the same in all our distribution channels: shop, e-shop. However, for certain products promotional policies may apply, with online prices being different from the prices listed at the physical stores, and available only for online purchases and home delivery. At any rate, even though we will do our best to accurately list prices and specs on our website, we cannot completely rule out the possibility of typographical or technical errors in prices and specs. For this reason, before paying and placing your order, you are recommended to contact our Customer Service at +30 2103222314 & +30 2103233802 (FAX), or by emailing the website to confirm the listed prices.


Your order may be delayed on account of the following reasons:

  1. In cases of extreme weather or strikes, as well as in cases of force majeure, all of which may influence the order transport and delivery.
  2. If it is impossible to reach you by phone/and or email (should a problem come up in your order, either in relation to the product or to its payment), e.g. because your customer data has not been correctly updated.


ANGELO BARRETA BIJOUX Μ. ANTZOULATOU-G. MITSAKOS GP sends newsletters on a regular basis. The company should not be held responsible if the newsletters fail to reach their destination, even though every possible effort will be made to avoid this.

Our newsletters may end up in your spam folder due to a firewall protection in your email. Please keep this in mind.

Add our company email to your safe list.

Should you decide to stop receiving newsletters or wish to be removed from our newsletter list you can inform us of your decision either via the contact form on our website or by sending us an email at [email protected]

You can keep receiving newsletters from our company only if you elect to do so and as long as you please. If you have ordered something online through our website, we will dispatch automated emails keeping you up to date as to how your order progresses. Please make sure these emails can reach you and store these emails throughout the transaction process.


Applicable law governs any contracts involving our e-shop. The Courts of Athens have the exclusive jurisdiction to settle any disputes related to these contracts.


Users may contact the company by phone at +30 2103222314 & +30 2103233802 (FAX) or via email at [email protected] or by mail at ANGELO BARRETA BIJOUX Μ. ANTZOULATOU-G. MITSAKOS GP, Karageorgi Servias St 7, 10563, Athens, Greece.